Zoloft 25mg

Zoloft is an oral antidepressant. Taking Zoloft with MAO preventions or pimozide threatens and can result in major and at times deadly reactions. Await a minimum of 14 days after taking the last dose of MAO inhibitor in order to have the ability to take Zoloft to avoid potential danger. If you have one of the complying with serious negative side effects call your doctor as quickly as possible: anxiety, panic disorder, state of mind or behavior changes, problem dropping and staying asleep, and also feeling hostile, assertive, antsy, hyper, upset, easily irritable, depressed or thinking about hurting yourself.

The concern of Zoloft being taken by expectant moms is rather controversial, as this medication can impact the health of an unborn or nursing infant. At the same time, if you quit taking this medication without your physician's authorization, it can create problems and you could experience a regression of depression. In situation of suspecting a maternity continue taking this medicine and speak to your physician as quickly as possible to go over further actions. The symptoms of an overdose can consist of nausea, throwing up, sleepiness, lightheadedness, complication, uneven heartbeat, seizures, tremor and coma.
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